Our Expertise

We're best at working hard for our clients: looking through every document, exploring every legal precedent, and leaving no equitable, creative, or legal stone unturned to achieve the best outcome possible. This is what we're best at. This is our expertise.

Leslie J. Olson                    Mark D. Olson


Mark began practicing family law in Seattle, Washington more than 30 years ago. Some words that mean the same thing as "thirty years" are "experienced" and "wise" and "understanding." Mark has litigated complex, high-profile cases as well as cases that are resolved without a murmur. He is at ease with multi-million dollar settlements and he continues to enjoy the satisfaction pro bono work offers. He has led clients to settle quietly, to not settle at all, and to settle for more than they thought they deserved. 

Mark has seen enough to know what works and what doesn't. He offers advice couched in experience. And his creativity in problem solving as a mediator is matched only by the level of his care and concern that each party leave the process with a new direction and new possibility. 

Mark has argued before the United State Supreme Court, sat as the Chair of the Family Law Section for the Washington State Trial Lawyer's Association, is past president of the Northwest Children's Fund, and has served on the alumni board at The Lakeside School. With his children grown, he spends his time outside the office working his third generation, family-owned farm with his wife, Leslie Olson.

THOROUGHNESS born of deep caring

With a background in human resources, Leslie built a second career in law, motivated by the difference for good law can make in the lives of her clients. She started her legal career at the Washington State Court of Appeals, where she digested, researched and briefed more than 65 cases involving employment discrimination, personal injury, real estate and business law, taxation, criminal law, and family law, just to name a few. 

To say Leslie is driven is to suggest that the Grand Canyon is a muddy ditch. She works so hard for her clients that sometimes she ends up uncovering material that surprises everyone - even her clients. Leslie's deep understanding of the law, its short-comings and its generosity, guides her work and pushes her to always look for more. In the courtroom, she is clear and determined. In settlement, she is reasoned and firm. The complexity of multi-million dollar trusts, businesses, and estates does not faze her and her commitment to our community is reflected in her pro bono work. 

Leslie serves on the Executive Committee of Seattle Art Museum Supporters, has volunteered at the law schools at U/W and Seattle U, and is now cheering from afar daughter, Corinne, who attends Wesleyan University. When she's not practicing law, you can find Leslie applying her entrepreneurial skills at the family farm, with her husband, Mark Olson.