What We Do

arbitration. relationships. divorce. 

Our philosophy is pretty simple: we like serving you well.  We like making you happy. We do that by listening carefully to what you tell us. We do it by working hard for you. We do it by applying to your case, the wisdom and skill gained from years in and out of the courtroom. 


Arbitration Services

When you've worked with your lawyer to try to settle and have reached a dead end, trial is not inevitable.

Private Arbitration offers an alternative to the expense of litigation at the courthouse and the uncertainty an unknown judge can bring.

With us, you can offer your evidence and present your case with the confidence that your story will be carefully considered and the law fairly applied to reach a just result. 



Life doesn't need to be harder than it is. From  moving in together, or marrying, or planning a new life after divorce, insight into the law will guide you through these decisions so you can avoid unintended consequences. Knowing how the law affects your decisions can help you reach your personal goals. 



Despite best efforts and commitment, breakdowns in personal relationships or marriage can derail your life in a way you can't fix on your own. 

Strong support and clarity when dissolving a marriage or relationship ease a difficult process. You can be assured of your best opportunity for a new start when you trust your legal partner in this journey.


Areas of Advice


non-marriage PARTNERS

Moving in together is an exciting step forward in a relationship. You may also consciously choose not to get married. Regardless of your intention, it's important to understand how living together can change the ownership of your future retirement savings, investments, and home. Learn how to plan your future to achieve your goals.


Your marriage deserves a strong start. Being on the same page about finances avoids one of the biggest causes of marital conflict. Whether or not you formalize your understanding in a prenuptial agreement, having an open conversation about your respective expectations is an essential component of managing your marital money and future financial security


If you’re contemplating divorce, it helps to have all the facts. Knowing how the law works and may apply in your life can help you navigate the path that is right for you.



non-marriage break-ups

Washington courts will divide property acquired during a live-in relationship if it would be inequitable not to do so. We can help you work towards the property allocation you intended.


All things being equal, divorce can be straightforward. We can help with drafting the agreements you reach. When it isn't easy, we are also prepared for all issues of divorce, including challenges to pre-nuptial agreements, business valuations, tax considerations, future financial planning, maintenance, property division, estate planning, child support, college support, and parenting


Families grow and change after divorce. Sometimes getting what was ordered becomes an issue. We address all of these contingencies including, enforcement actions, maintenance modifications, child support changes, college support, relocation with children, and other parenting plan changes.



After the trial

Appeals are designed to remedy errors that affected the outcome of a trial. We handle the defense or appeal of civil trial decisions/verdicts, including divorce and parenting; probate and elder law; business and tax; personal injury and insurance; and public records and other governmental actions.


Arbitration Services

A trusted decision

When one side can't see reason and the demands they ask are too much, private arbitration avoids the cost and expense of court and breaks the deadlock. An arbitration decision  provides the launching pad for a new start and a new direction.

Leslie Olson served for two years at the Washington State Court of Appeals in Seattle where she served as a neutral evaluator of more than 56 cases. She has also tried more than 24 complex cases in King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Island Counties. 

This experience, wisdom, and commitment to the law is the formula for obtaining an arbitration decision you can trust.