What We Do

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Our philosophy is pretty simple: we like getting our clients what they want. Actually, we love getting our clients what they want. We do it when we work with them to plan and shape and execute their vision. We do it when we negotiate a clear and fair settlement that lets them confidently start anew. We do it when we stand up for them; when we reach deep for solutions; when we go the mat when it's called for. We do it when we successfully mediate a resolution no one thought possible or render an arbitration decision that all parties can trust. 



Life doesn't need to be harder than it is. From running a business, moving in together, or planning to divorce, a ready hand to guide you through these decisions will help you avoid unintended consequences and allay the anxiety of the unknown. Knowing how the law affects your decisions can keep you focused and centered in your daily life. Learn more



Despite best efforts and commitment, breakdowns in personal relationships or marriage can derail your life in a way you can't fix on your own. The uncertainty and stress of dissolving a marriage or managing business claims require strong support and clarity where the path is unknown. It eases the process when you trust your legal partner in this journey. Learn more



When the other side can't be reasonable, court is not inevitable.

Mediation can produce a creative solution you may not have thought of; one that you can confidently own.

Arbitration provides a solid foundation on which to move forward and begin anew. Learn more


Areas of Advice


non-marriage PARTNERS

Moving in together is an exciting step forward in a relationship. You may also consciously choose not to get married. Regardless of your intention, it's important to understand how living together can change the ownership of your future retirement savings, investments, and home. Learn how to plan your future to achieve your goals.


Your marriage deserves a strong start. Being on the same page about finances avoids one of the biggest causes of marital conflict. Whether or not you formalize your understanding in a prenuptial agreement, having an open conversation about your respective expectations is an essential component of managing your marital money and future financial security


Running a business requires time you don't have for legal headaches. A resource at your side can help you minimize legal pitfalls. We help with employees, wage and hour, and contracts and regulatory compliance.

If you are entering the cannabis industry in Washington State, we have expertise to help guide informed investment decisions and successful business development.


The last gift you can give your loved ones is a clear estate plan that serves your heirs in the way you intend. From a simple will to an estate plan for blended families and estates, we can help you navigate the complexities to achieve your goals.



non-marriage break-ups

Washington courts will divide property acquired during a live-in relationship if it would be inequitable not to do so. We can help you work towards the property allocation you intended.


All things being equal, divorce can be straightforward. We can help with drafting the agreements you reach. When it isn't easy, we are also prepared for all issues of divorce, including challenges to pre-nuptial agreements, future financial planning, maintenance, property division, child support, college support, and parenting


Families grow and change after divorce. Sometimes getting what was ordered becomes an issue. We address all of these contingencies including, enforcement actions, maintenance modifications, child support changes, college support, relocation with children, and other parenting plan changes.


If you have been named as a personal representative of an estate, managing the estate, the creditors, and the heirs can be overwhelming. We'll work with you through the probate process, including estate valuation, will contests, testamentary trusts, and distribution of assets.




claims and disputes

Despite your best efforts, some employees will file a complaint. Contracts can run amok. We work to resolve issues involving compensation disputes, discrimination claims, and wrongful termination. We also help you navigate contract disputes and business litigation.


After the trial

Appeals are designed to remedy errors that affected the outcome of a trial. We handle the defense or appeal of civil trial decisions/verdicts, including divorce and parenting; probate and elder law; business and tax; personal injury and insurance; and public records and other governmental actions.


Mediation Services

Reaching Agreement

What seems impossible can become concrete agreement with the skilled listening and creativity of an experienced mediator who understands everyone's interests and goals.  It's about building the foundation for a well-envisioned future. 

Arbitration Services

A trusted decision

Sometimes one side just can't see reason. The demands they ask are too much. Arbitration breaks the deadlock and  provides the launching pad for a new direction. An arbitrator, who has worked in the judiciary and as a litigator has the perspective you need for a decision you can trust.